Corporate culture

  • A Harmonious and Flexible Culture

    Based on harmony and coupled with flexibility,

    We advocate harmonious win-win cooperation, flexibility and innovation.

  • Quality and performance oriented

    We emphasize the organic combination of "harmony" and "flexibility" in our culture, focus on the key group that effectively uses the "flexibility" technique to create the core of "harmony" --- the persons who have both excellent qualities and performance, and give them full affirmation and encouragement.

  • Business Partnership

    In order to achieve harmony and win-win results, we innovate in a flexible manner by deepening the development of business partner projects and optimizing the equity incentives and long-term stock holding increase schemes for core employees to attract more talents as business partners.

  • The original talent management philosophy advocated by the company is "people-oriented". In 2016, we systematically put forward the concept of "quality and performance orientation". This idea is based on the company's experience of over 30 years in business exploration. It is a further interpretation and embodiment of the company's culture of harmony and flexibility.