The Story of the Cable

Published: 2021-01-07 Author: Zhang Duo   Hits:

Safety is essential for electricity utilization. Safety is the key factor of the cable; quality is the lifeline. Only the right product could solve the problem. The "Ai" "Zhen" "Shan" Mei" product series manufactured by Far East create a happy environment for everyone with its technology, quality and craftsmanship.

The high-end product is safe, environment-friendly, durable and power-saving. Now, we will share the Story of the product with everyone.

Every cable has a long story, from the research, manufacture to the utilization that involves multiple complicated processes.

The beginning: Behind the power-saving "Ai" "Zhen" "Shan" "Mei" cable series by Far East, every manufacturing process experienced optimization, testing and data experiment from parts to the whole, achieving the mass production standard finally.

The birth: Under the production monitor of the labor, all finished products experienced multiple processes are waiting to start their power transmission mission for every household.

The Wait: Sales elites of Far East introduces the product properties in all Far East cable retail stores, recommending the most appropriate products for our clients based on product material, properties and appliable circumstances.

The mission: Far East cable never stops transmits power to everyone in all buildings and skyscrapers, delivering warmness and brightness in the dark.

What Technique Let the "Power-Saving" Product Fulfill Its Mission?

Far East's "power-saving" product uses the radiation crosslinking technique that increases its current-carrying and anti-overload capacity. The short circuit temperature may be up to 250 to avoid damage from the short-circuit.

The "Ai" product uses the high-voltage grade polyolefin internal and external insulation; its conductor made of copper has longevity, high flame retardancy and low-smoke that fulfils the RoHs requirement.

The "Zhen" product is made B1 level halogen-free, and low smoke irradiated polyolefin material that is low-smoke, halogen-free, non-corrosive that meets the RoHs standard, providing the highest safety for our living environment and public environment.

The "Shan" product is made of halogen-free and low smoke material that increases the cable's current-carrying and anti-overload capacity.

The "Mei" product is made of polyvinyl chloride material manufactured with the international advanced intelligent product line. The product has excellent insulating property, flexibility, abrasion resistance and stability.